Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fire and Form in the January Garden

January doesn't have to be a blah month. Brighten it up with these colorful and shapely choices.

Coral Bark Maple with Hoar Frost.

Mahonia 'Charity' makes a great winter companion for Red Twig Dogwood.

Vibrant in both color and fragrance, Witchhazel 'Ruby Glow' is a favorite.

A combination of Red Twig Dogwood (in the back) and 'Mid-Winter Fire' Dogwood (front) creates a dazzling display even on the darkest days.

Cyclamen give a ground-level glow to the winter garden.

Flame Willow adds a stylish complement to conifers.

The winter plum coloring of Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans' makes it a show-stopper.

The stark white pollards at the Getty Garden in Los Angeles give a bright dimension against the brilliant blue sky.

Weeping Pussywillows can become quite ragged and blobbish unless cascade-pruned.

Take advantage of winter to appreciate the silhouettes of Japanese Maples.

Ghostly Birches stand guard in the Oregon Garden.

Some of these pictures have been used on other posts on this blog, but I have used them again for emphasis on January. Please forgive.


leavesnbloom said...

Cindee my favourite is the coral bark maple with hoar frost. Beautiful pics

Anonymous said...

Oh Cindee, A gardener after my own heart. You're so right about winter. There is merit to our ostentatious plants' seasonal demise when they collapse and give the stage to the winter beauties. I especially like the juxtaposition of the vertical willows and the [mostly] horizontal evergreen foliage, like the Mahonia and the conifer [cedar?] photos. I used to have a Crypto. j. 'Elegans' but I was scared of its eventual size in my garden. I kept it in a pot until it really needed more root space that only the ground can provide then passed it on. However, a nearby doctor's office has three mature specimens and I'm always annoying my girls with my need to run over and give them a greeting and a little massage. The plant is amazingly soft to the touch, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

That is the best showcase of winter interest ever, Cynthia, well done! The twigs of cousa and willow, the maples and evergreens, all wonderful. The weeping pussy willow pruning job was masterfully done, I have never seen one so treated, and like it a lot! :-)

Cheryl said...

Some beautiful photographs of complimentary planting. I have never thought about putting mahonia and dogwood together....I have both in the garden, something for me to think about.

Love the shape of that maple. I wonder if mine will look like that one day....

The birches are gorgeous....I am planning to put a specimen in my garden soon. They really do have striking bark.....

Lovely post....

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Oh, these are fabulous photos, but that Cryptomeria incited instant plant envy in me. what a glorious, glorious thing! I think it would be marginal here, but I do plan to add Microbiota this spring, which also gives good plum colour and is hardier. What a terrific, visually stunning post.

Teza said...

What a wonderful post to remind us of the wonderful colour that still exists in the winter garden. I especially love the Cryptomeria and the stunning silouette of the gnarled trunk of the Japanese maple. How old is that specimen? Of course, who could not love those wonderful clumps of Cyclamen? Aren;t the just the most adorable plant ever?!?

Carol said...

Wonderful post Cynthiae! Your photography is stunning... I love your last two shots of the Japanese Maple and the Birches! So glad you posted them again!

Anna said...

Some great combinations there to remind us that winter is a colourful season. That slight mist enhances the beauty of the birches.