Monday, January 18, 2010

Winterthur Children's Garden

The Children's Garden at Winterthur was one of the most charming that I have played in. I visited it in September of 2009 with my daughter and neice, and even though none of us were children, we still have child-like hearts and enjoyed the garden to it's fullest.

This whimsical sign warned us to stay out of the fairy ring...

...but when Bryn (my daughter) disobeyed, she got sprayed with a jet of water.

We looked for Trolls under the Troll bridge, but they must have been out for lunch.

The Thatched Cottage was right out of a fairy tale.

Bryn sat on the throne, pretending to be a princess.

This little Fairy Door opened... you could peek in the window at the fairy kitchen.

A giant nest proved most enticing... Bryn and Nina who first "Hatched"...

...and then begged to be fed.

for more information on this great garden, click here.


Teza said...

What a wonderful, whimsical reminder that childhood exists within all of us. I have always wanted to see Winterthur Gardens.... there is a wonderful Viburnum... V. nudum 'Winterthur' that remains an elusive member of my Wishlist, but so like the forgetful child that I sometimes am, I keep forgetting about it until it is too late to look for. You have given me a most timely reminder.... thanks dearheart!
PS: The last photo is absolutely priceless!

Christine B. said...

Utterly magical! Unfortunately, on the complete other end of the country...maybe someday I will get over there. You have fun companions! Anyone that's willing to get into a giant nest and pretend to hatch is OK by me.

Christine in Alaska

leavesnbloom said...

Oh how enchanting and what fun you all seemed to have on that trip. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindee~~ Now this is a childrens' garden! Children of all ages. :) I love the rock work on the cottage and the artistry of the Troll Bridge. Wouldn't you love to be watching the surprised kids stepping into the fairy ring?

Darla said...

What a lovely place to much fun. I keep coming back to eyeball the brugmansia in the older post. I just love it!