Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello Grandma

Greetings all you great gardeners! The sun is out, the flowers are growing and I'm....worn out. My age has been catching up with me and a bout with cancer last year has left me unable to do what I used to in the gardens. Coupled with the crippling economy, I have become an independant consultant for Moonstone instead of a full time employee and so I will no longer be writing the Moonstone Gardens Blog. Since there is no one else to take over this task for now, we are putting the blog to sleep as humanely as possible.
But....I'm still writing, and photographing and beading and would love to have you stick around at my home blog, Our Grandmother's Gardens.
I'll be posting pictures of the Village Green and The Oregon Garden as they come into bloom as well as other gardens that I visit. You'll also get to meet all of my cats!
So please stick with me. I'd miss you all horribly if you left.
Cindee Eichengreen